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banned from craigslist

I’m so proud! I’ve been banned from craigslist for promoting Two Girls. Yeah, we’re pretty risky.

For the last six months, I’ve been driving traffic to Two Girls via craigslist. Well, I might have broken a rule or two. You’re not supposed to post the same message in more than one city, but um, I might have done that once or twice. Ironically, that’s not what got me banned. What got me put in the deep freeze is that a person or persons in a very liberal San Francisco suburb which shall go unnamed, “flagged” me each time I posted to that community.

I know, I know, I shouldn’t have kept poking that hornet’s nest with a stick, but come on! So why did this uber-progressive community have a problem with Two Girls? Couldn’t have been the blog itself. If the purity police had bothered to click on the link I provided and actually read a blog entry by Two Girls, they would have seen that we are a spiritually positive, family-friendly place to hang out. But I don’t think they got that far. I think their cultural prejudice kicked in before they read even one sentence that Two Girls had to share. No, I think they based their bias on the name. Really?

Yep, Two Girls Take on Love has many implications. I don’t need to be specific, you know what I mean. K and I learned that early on, when reading stats on our admin page. You can actually see what kind of search words people plug into their browsers to find websites. Some of the phrases that people used that got them directed to TGTOL were downright nasty. Ick! Ick!

We were so creeped out by what people were looking for related to two girls, we actually lobbied WordPress to change the design of their admin pages. Well truthfully, it was K. She fired off a couple of rip-snorting emails that got the attention of the web masters, and they changed the design of the page so that we can “hide” or “show” the search engine reports. Nice!

Back to Two Girls Take On Love. It’s who we are, and we don’t apologize for it. Banned from craigslist?  Bring it. Love, C

My two cents: never apologize for your dazzling light!


Ahh, craigslist, where anyone can post pretty much anything, except us. I think it’s hysterical.

When C and I first started Two girls it wasn’t even Two girls it was just us, wanting to do something meaningful together, wanting to share all we have learned along the way to where we are, and not really knowing how to do it and what it would be if we did it and who if anyone, would even care.

We basically started writing our phone conversations, or maybe just the idea of our conversations.  Then, once we had something, we didn’t really feel comfortable telling our friends about what we were doing, heck we didn’t even know what we were doing yet.  And I’m sorry, you could have the best friends in the world, which we both do, but how do you  explain that you are writing a blog about love, when you, a) don’t really know what you are doing and  b) some of your friends could argue that you are probably the last person who should be writing about love.

Once we had a few posts under our belts and we were feeling like something was happening here, we wanted to put it out there. C got the idea to toss it out to craigslist.  Awesome, we got responses, we got great  feedback, people seemed to love us and then the powers that be. . .well I guess they didn’t.

One of the most important things C and I have learned throughout this process is don’t push against what’s not working.  If something isn’t working there’s a reason, so go with it and be open to another way.  I think it’s human nature to try to fix something that is perceived to be broken. It was working and now it’s not, we gotta go back in time and see where it went wrong and get it right. You can do that I guess, but I’ve got about a thousand examples of that not working.

So back to craigslist, I think it was great, it served a purpose but now it’s time to move on.  We have found better more effective ways to promote and share our stories.  Could we go up against craigslist, fight for our right to say what we want to say?  We could, but it is just too much wasted energy, energy that could go toward something way more fun and productive.  xo-K

My two cents:   the sooner you come to peace with that one door closing, the faster the next door will open.


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what’s in it for me?

Yesterday, I had to run out to a winery to pick up a donation for this big fancy-pants fundraiser I’m planning. When I finally found the place high on a mountain top, it was a construction zone. I had two addresses for the winery, and the other one was exactly 20 miles away. For half a minute, I thought about tip-toeing through the hard hat zone to see if I was at the right place, but I dismissed the idea. I got back into my car and drove to the other location, only to be told that what I needed was back where I started. Sigh!

Going with the flow, going with your intuition always seems to work out best.  And when you don’t, it kind of bites you in the ass. Have you noticed?

Last weekend I was invited to dinner with a friend, and I almost opted out but then thought, what the heck, life is short, carpe diem. And wouldn’t you know, I sat across the dinner table from a woman whose company I’d been trying to make contact with, but without much luck. We were just casually talking and when I found out she was with Company X, I asked her if I could call her the next day, and of course she agreed.  So cool!

A couple of days ago, I had to dash to Macy’s at lunch and pick up some mascara. Yeah, why can’t I just wear the drug store brand? Anyway, I got to the cosmetics counter, and got my order ready, then the computer wouldn’t accept my card. So, Kat, my super-cool sales associate, placed a call. She was so sweet and apologetic about my “inconvenience” — and I was very aware that I was standing  at the intersection of amused and beotch, and could go either way. Long story short and about 3o minutes later, I learned that my account had been closed. What? Yeah, not by me, but whatever. The upside? I got a sack full of groovy cosmetic samples, Kat and I are now buddies, and she’s very excited about getting to know Two Girls.

You know, I could have got all righteous about the screw-up at the department store, but instead, I had fun with it. After all, no one lost a limb or a life, and I made a new friend.  Love, C

My two cents: Sometimes you need to leap first and ask questions later. Sometimes you just need to relax and ask for samples.


I always ask for samples, so cute, perfect size to toss in your purse.  I just love getting free stuff.  A few months ago a friend from work and I decided we were going to get something free, everyday, just for fun. Every morning we would make the statement, I’m going to get something  free today.  Then we would let it go and go about our business.  It usually didn’t take long before a client brought in a coffee or a bottle of wine.  It didn’t have to be anything big, just free.  So much fun!

Just set an intention, let it go with no attachment to the outcome. Don’t worry about it not happening or all the ways it can’t happen, just toss it out there. . . and before you know it, there it is.  So cool.

There have been times that I thought I wanted something to happen,  then forgot about it completely until it showed up, just the way I had hoped it would.  This has happened the other way around too.   I wanted something soooo bad, thought about it constantly, thought I would die without it, and guess what?  It didn’t happen in the way I had planned, it played out differently –and much better.  Thank goodness.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been rushing off to work  and can’t find my keys for a few minutes. Aghh! So frustrating!  When I finally get in my car and on my way I find that had I left a few minutes earlier I would have been involved in the accident that I am now slowly driving past.  Seems like a stretch  to connect misplacing your keys with missing a traffic situation, but you can’t make this stuff up.  There is so much going on out there that we don’t know about , that we can’t understand.

I have come to the conclusion that there is something to be learned from everything that gets our attention.  And when something comes up over and over again. . .well, I try to take some time to ask my guides or my angels,  “what’s in this for me?”

Oh, and I never forget to say a little thank you for all my gifts.  xo-K

My two cents:  Be clear about what you want, but be flexible about how it manifests.

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the blog is boss

It’s amazing, isn’t it? Last year, when I met someone who said they wrote a blog, I was all, “Um, okay. . .Good for you!” Now, I write a blog, and I feel like I’m right on the leading edge of a something so big there isn’t even really a name for it. Gotta love it!

One of my best and dearest friends wanted to know why I wasn’t writing something more ‘important,’ more ‘literary,’ than a blog. Are you kidding me? More people have read my seven-month old blog than have collectively read any of the fancy pants award-wining short stories I’ve written in the last 20 years! As a writer, I have to say, it’s nice to win a prize. Totally. I also have to admit to the little thrill I get when I watch our Two Girl stats climbing up, up, up. Totally!

It’s a brave new e-world, baby. Newspapers are going the way of dinosaurs. Magazines are an endangered specie. Television? So last century.

Some of my favorite blogs are not just content-rich, but they are pretty to look at, too. Technology has come a long way since the early days. Oh, sure, K and I  still have to roll up our sleeves and dive into the code tank from time to time, but there are some really pretty sites out there that don’t required a degree in rocket science to create.  They are kitchy, creative, and totally cool.

Hey! It’s a reality show world. What might have been considered navel-gazing before is now entertainment. There is so much great content online, and more appearing everyday.

Pioneer Woman has a very groovy site, and it is a completely original spin on domestic goddess-ery. Ree Drummond rocks the blogosphere with panache, style, and sassy ranch chic. Plus, she has a never ending source of material: the cowboy & cowgirl life. Delish!

Another must view blog in this girls’ opinion, is Chickens in the Road.  This is yet another example of an enterprising woman who shares her unique perspective with the world.  Suzanne McMinn has created a site so real it moves beyond words and pictures, and sometimes shows up on YouTube.  I can’t even tell you how much I love to click in and catch up on the latest gossip from the farm, feisty chickens, baby goats, and all.

Of course, the latest blogger to take the world by storm is Caitlin Boyle, the girl who started putting Post-It notes everywhere, telling women how fabulous they are and how beautiful. Her blog is called Operation Beautiful, and just hit the Today Show. To me, this is the genius of the Internet. Have a really good idea and want to share it? It’s never been easier, so what are you waiting for? Love, C

My two cents: faith is knowing that when you come to the edge of everything you know for sure and take a step, you will either step on solid ground, or will grow wings to fly.


There is something so amazing about the time we’re in.  All the rules are changing.  You no longer need a publishing house to tell you whether or not you can write or if they think anyone cares about what you have to say.  There are thousand of people now expressing their thoughts and opinions via this new blog world who would never have been heard from before.  I have to say until C and I  dove head first into this blog community, I had no idea what a huge world it truly is. There are “Bloggies,” much like the Academy Awards for bloggers, and conferences that are sold out months in advance. Who knew?

There is something so empowering about being able to self publish. C has been in the writing world for many years so she knows how it goes.  I, on the other hand, knew nothing about writing, and I would never be so presumptuous to assume I could even try.  Yeah, I’ve got a lot to say, but no training.  Never thought that writing was even an option for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I need a little help from my friend/editor, but come on, how cool is it that there is now a forum for people to not only express themselves for themselves, and also to share with others who might be going through something similar?

I remember way back when I was living in Los Angeles, I had so many friends who were struggling musicians or actors. Some of my friends were so very talented but just couldn’t get the “break” they needed.   Seemed like a no win situation: can’t get a gig unless you have an agent, can’t get an agent unless you have  a gig.  Seemed like only the very lucky ones, the chosen few were signed to a contract.  That’s not the case anymore, people are becoming overnight sensations via reality TV and Youtube.  Sure some of those “stars,” are 14 minutes into their 15 minutes of fame, but some of them, wow, thank goodness someone plucked them out of obscurity for our benefit.

Great talent is coming from the most random places. Stay at home moms are becoming famous and making a great living while staying home caring for their family and homes.  C mentioned earlier The Pioneer Woman who is  queen of her castle and has created a career out of sharing her wit, wisdom and some kick-ass recipes.   Bravo girl!

Look at Stephanie Meyer, she was a stay at home mom who had never so much as written a short story, but after a dream she had one night, created the phenomenon know as The Twilight Saga.  Amazing.

There are so many ways to be creative, so many ways to express yourself and even make a living at it.  Be open to anything, who knows, maybe some day your work could feel like play, and you could make more money then you ever dreamed, doing something you would do for free.  xo-K

My two cents:  “Do what you love, the money will follow.” ~Marsha Sintar

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learn something new

I have learned so much since C and I started this little blog.  C has been writing for years, novels, book reviews, grant proposals, journal entries, you name it,  she has written it.  Me, I just had stories, years and years of stories. In my profession I have pretty much heard everything, and human behavior is so interesting to me, but I never thought I could write about my experiences, my interactions or my life.  And if I did, who would want to read it?

Writing has been so healing for me, and although I am not the greatest at getting my point across and not rambling on and on in one never-ending sentence, I think I am getting better.  Thanks to C by the way, who will cut my commas off at the pass when I get too rambly. (Yeah, yeah, I know that’s not a word.)

I am learning so much everyday, we both are.  It’s amazing some of the stuff we have come across that we had never even heard of before.  Headers and widgets and codes, oh my.  I am working parts of my brain that have never been worked before, it’s fun and it feels good. Neither of us knew anything about designing a website or writing a blog, we just got an idea and it took on a life of its own.  Even though initially we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted, we knew what we didn’t want, and as we went along we learned what worked and what didn’t.

I think the best part of this whole adventure is learning to do something new, something so completely out of my comfort zone.  I have been a stylist almost my entire working life.  It was just something I could always do, it was fun, it was easy, it was fulfilling, and still is and I love it, don’t get me wrong.  I am also loving learning to do something so totally different.

One day, I was trying to change the artwork on the header, and it’s all in code,  like another language that I have never seen before. After many hours of reading, researching and trial and error, I figured it out.  I got such a kick out of that, I was doing the happy dance all around my living room.  What a feeling.  Another thing that is new to me is working with a partner. I have always worked solo so I’m sure there were so many ways that this could have gone wrong, but it has been the best. C and I are in agreement that neither of us would have been able to do this in the way we have without the other; where one of us gets discouraged or just plain busy with our day jobs, the other takes over.  Perfect.

So take it from us: if we can do it, so can you.  Try something new, learn something new.  It’s good for your soul, it’s good for your brain, and it’s good for your self-esteem.  Is there anything you’ve ever dreamed about doing?  Take an art class, learn to salsa, go back to college, whatever it is just go for it.  You might end up creating something amazing.  Enjoy, xo-K

My two cents:  You have no idea what life has in store for you.


Long ago, I decided that there are two kinds of people in the world. Type One picks a decade they like and sticks with it, not matter what. Same hair, same clothes, same world-views. Then, there is Type Two Girls: always ready to try something new, going for that shot of WOW when they experience something fresh. Cool!

Yeah, the world is changing fast. The speed of information coming at us can be overwhelming. I totally get that. I heard recently that because we have access to more information that ever before in the history of the world –if you’re not learning something new, you’re not just standing still, you’re moving backwards.

About ten years ago I met a charming couple from Holland. The were lovely and worldly and had grown children and grandchildren. The newfangled  Internet was becoming all the rage and even though no one had quite figured out what it was good for, everyone was still quite excited about it. Email was eclipsing the cell phone as a way to connect. I remember smiling at my quaint neighbors when they declared that had no interest in learning “that computer stuff.”

Flash forward a decade and its safe to say the world is not the same place. String theory expert and physicist Michio Kaku says that all these social, cultural, and scientific changes are actually part of the evolution of the human race into something. . .greater. Cool!

I just met someone at a business meeting, who identified herself as a communication director. “Great!” I replied. “What is your social media policy?” She gave me a slight frown and shook her head. “Oh, I don’t do that,” she replied. “Maybe I’ll hire someone to do it.”

I understood what she meant. A year ago I reluctantly joined the facebook revolution and maybe posted once a week. I just didn’t see the point. Now, K and I post daily. I tell anyone who will listen that it’s a newer, better way to stay in touch. It’s just a learning curve, that’s all. Nothing scary under the bed or hiding in the Internet closet, my dears.

Admittedly, K is better at the technical stuff than I am. I tend to get all itchy and tossed out of the Vortex and into the bushes when it comes to code and programming. But that’s the beauty of this partnership. We both have skills, that when blended, are better than we would be alone.  We came to realize early on that our  main subject is relationships — every kind under the sun — even two girls writing a blog. Love, C

My two cents: Flexing your brain muscle is a great way to stay vibrant, sexy, and young!

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getting Lost

I like to say that I don’t watch TV, but I’m a liar. I love TV. Maybe too much, which is why I don’t own a TV. I’m a TV slut, I just can’t step away once that unblinking eye trains itself on me. I must confess, having no TV hasn’t stopped me from keeping up with a few shows I really like. There’s this little thing called the Internet, and now many great (and terrible) shows can now be found online.  Yes! Okay, so my guilty little secret is that I’m a Lost fan. Come on!

I know. It’s cliched, it’s trite, it’s. . .delicious. Who can resist beautiful bad-girl Kate? And tough guy Sawyer? Be still my heart. But the boy scout of all high achievers, Doctor Jack, is the ultimate hero. Everything about Lost is epic: it’s the mythic good versus evil story set on a tropical island. The truth is, we tell stories to make sense of our world. Stories tell us who we are, where we’ve been, where we’re going. As stories go, Lost is a hum-dinger.

But what makes me love Lost most is the final episode.  With a storyline as weird and quirky as this show has, I thought the final word would be: a) smarmy, b) vapid, or c) completely over the top. This was none of the above.  This was subtle and simple and  genius.  K and I have been talking for some time now about how spirituality and the new thought movement are going mainstream. City of Angels was a stunning endorsement of the idea of angels walking among us (I still think of them in black trench coats and beautiful, flawless skin). Oprah does a webinar series with Eckhart Tolle about spiritual philosophy and it’s so popular it shuts down their entire computer system the first time everyone wanted to log on. Louise Hay is a rock star. I could go on, but you know what I mean.  Spirituality (not religion, darling) has gone mainstream. If I needed any more proof, I got it with Jack’s finale farewell on Lost, which as it turns out, was not so much goodbye as see you later.

The last word in Lost is: life is just a show and we’re all playing parts. We are here playing roles with our soul group and we’re here doing it because we love and support one another. Sometimes we play a villain; sometimes we’re a hero. We never get it wrong, and we never get it done. What  I loved, watching this final story unfold, was how the various characters were “triggered” to ‘wake up’ from the dream, realize that there was more to the story than they had believed, and when they ‘remembered’, they realized that there are infinite possibilities at any moment.

I was talking to a co-worker about the last Lost, how it was about life after life. “Like purgatory or something?” she asked.  “Yeah,” I replied, “Or something.” Love, C

My two cents: lighten up, sweetie! We’re all just playing our parts.


I have to say I never watched Lost, tried one time probably a couple seasons in and it was a really dark (visually) episode so I couldn’t tell what was going on.  I was literally lost so that was it for me and the show.  After hearing C’s rave reviews of the final episode I might have to break down and rent the whole series. Hell, I might just have to cheat and just watch the finale online.

Although I didn’t see Lost so I can’t speak to that in this post I was online every Monday night a few years back with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle, for the “New Earth” webinar and I have to say it was nothing short of amazing.  The first night they had so many problems, seemed the whole world was trying to sign on and the system did go crashing down.  I got a little choked up, I could feel the collective energy around this ground breaking never before done class with two very powerful people in the lead and millions of others signing on.  Energetically it felt a little like being in a huge concert arena, listening to your favorite band with thousands singing along in unison, but at home in your jammies.

I committed to doing the Monday night classes every week, told my daughter and everyone else that for those few hours I was not available and I sat in that amazing energy and just soaked it in and I loved it.  I felt so connected to something so much bigger than me, and I did it just for me, the gift of time I gave to myself every week.

Back to Lost,  I have always felt that I was here, on Earth just playing a role.  Like this wasn’t really real and it was like being in a movie or a Broadway play. Some times it felt like it was off-off Broadway, but still you know what I mean.  I felt, and still feel like none of this really matters, it’s all illusion and there is something so much bigger really going on here.  Are we are all just following some invisible script that we wrote before we got here?  Did we think, “Hey wouldn’t  it  be really funny if the way we became a strong independent powerful woman was by picking a jerk who would push us in that direction?”  Or , “How about we really get what is important in life by losing everything  we thought we needed?”

I just have to tell you I am really enjoying, whatever this is.  Movie, reality, all there is?…  and after years of worrying about things that ended up not really being that important I am done with worry and fear.  My movie is a love story, or sometimes romantic comedy, and I am getting my happy ending. xo-K

My two cents:  What if the Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about?

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scared of happy?

I was listening to happiness guru, Robert Holden, on Hay House Radio this morning, and he made such an interesting statement, I had to put everything aside and write the idea down. He said that most people are afraid to be happy.  Wow! Is that true?

I think there’s something to this, and it might be related to Colette Baron Reid’s Goblin exercise we recently shared. You might say, “not me! I want to be happy! My life is all about the happy!”  But is that true, or is it just story you tell yourself each day so that you can get out of bed, put one foot in front of the other, and do the things you need to do to take care of your family, yourself?

Well, no one’s really, happy, you might say. It’s not possible to be really happy, you might say. But is that true? Or do you hold a belief that says you’re not worthy of happiness, or something bad might happen if you got truly happy?

I was raised a good Catholic girl, and when Lent came around, we were instructed to give up something we really liked. We usually chose something like ice cream, chocolate, gumballs, and thought we were earning extra Easter brownie points. But recently, I heard about another way to observe Lent: give up a thought or belief that no longer serves you. Wow! Radical idea! How about giving up the idea that being happy is a crime against nature. How about giving up the idea that by being happy, you steal the chance to be happy from someone else.  Cool ideas, right?

Back to beliefs we have about happiness. . .what thought or belief would you have to give up to be really happy? Would you have to give up the idea that everything has to be perfect before you can “earn” the right to be happy? Would you have to give up the belief that you have to suffer to “earn” the right to be happy? Could you allow yourself to be happy right now?

Marci Shimoff has a wonderful book called Happy for No Reason. In it, she shares the stories of different people and their decision to be happy, regardless of what life tosses their way. Shimoff asserts that true happiness does not depend on conditions, but on choice.

So maybe you could try the Goblin exercise again. Maybe you could ask your goblin if (s)he’s afraid to be happy, and why. It just might be the most interesting conversation of the day! Love, C

My two cents: happiness is a minute-by-minute choice.


I totally agree with C, I think some people really feel they don’t deserve to be happy or feel guilty if they feel happy.  If someone else is suffering you might feel that how can you be happy when they feel so bad?   Well as Abraham-Hicks says, “you can’t feel bad enough to make someone who feels bad feel better.” So it really doesn’t help anyway.

I  know for me, a big one is the whole this economy thing.  A lot of people are worrying and stressed, even people whose lives are exactly the same, seem to have been brainwashed by the media about ‘how bad it is.’  Granted, some are suffering, maybe even you, but, again with Abraham (sorry but I have mad love for them),  “You can be broke and be depressed or you can be broke and be hopeful.”  I choose hopeful, every time now.  And when you do that you can be happy No matter what.

I have adopted the mantra that I thrive in any economy.  I love it and say it every time someone asks me how my business is doing.  I must say that I’ve felt some people are a little put off by this and it amazes me.   How dare I be happy –well guess what? I do dare to be happy and you should too!

I’m tired of being sad and depressed about things I have no control over.  Been there done that, and done with that.  You can look around as you are driving to work, or walking down the street or in the mall. Notice how many thing there are to notice, do you tend to zero in on things that annoy you or do you tend to see beauty around you?  Most people don’t even realize how much there is to see everywhere.  Even walking to the market across the parking lot from the salon where I work,  two people could walk that short distance and if you asked them both to list ten things they saw along the way I bet they would each list ten different things.

Anyway, back to C’s question about being scared of happy.  I think when you know that you have control over how you feel no matter what is going on out there, feeling happy isn’t so scary.  You no longer have to worry about being disappointed if something doesn’t work out because you know if something isn’t working out there is a good reason for it and you are thankful.  You trust the universe and your own intuition.  You no longer think that if you really want something to make you happy, you will jinx it if you really want it. You know things always work out for you.

Always, be in appreciation for all you have, even if it’s not a lot.  Appreciation and focusing on the good in  your life always makes you happy! When I see someone who has something I would love to have, I don’t look at them with envy and resentment, I say,”Good for you, and that’s for me.”   I know if it’s possible for them to have or achieve something then I can too!  xo-K

My two cents:  There are so many things to be happy about and there is nothing to be scared of.

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lighten up, sugar

I have a dirty little secret to share. I’m about to put it out there publicly, so be kind, okay?

So, I have a fancy literature degree from a fancy college, which means I’m supposed to read only complicated, intelligent novels, like War and Peace, right? Well guess what, mon amie –I have a thing for romance novels, and detective novels, and especially romantic detective novels — and not just in the summer at the beach, but all year long.

omg! I’m a literary slut! The truth of the matter is, I like variety, I like to mix things up.  I still enjoy reading a classic Hemingway or Austin or Angelou and taking my brain for an E-ticket ride. But sometimes, I don’t want to think all that hard, I just want to be entertained.  Sometimes, a girl just wants to bypass the gourmet fois gras and dive into a basket of curly fries, you know?

When you think of romantic love, do images of music videos start playing in your head? Do scenes from your favorite movies pop up?  When we were little scamps, we sat mesmerized, watching cartoons of Disney heroines who found true love, virtue, and magic in dazzling Technicolor. Then, along came Lucy and Ethel and their steadfast Ricky and Fred. Then, Madonna vamped it up in a wedding gown and took romance into her own hands. Now, we still look for love in the workplace, at parties, at church.  No matter how high-tech savvy we get, we are never too sophisticated to be lured by a little romance.

Everyone has a story that they tell themselves and the world. You know, your story. What would happen if you told a different story? What would happen if you started to envision your life, say,  as a romantic comedy movie instead of a drama or tragedy?  If your life was a movie, would you see your story  in a new way?  Would you take more chances or feel more optimistic if you were assured of a happy ending?

Well guess what: you get to decide whether or not you have a happy ending. If we’re all just making it up as we go (and we are), why not write a script worthy of your epic soul? I feel more empowered when I view my life as a script, with myself in the staring role. In fact, in my movie, I’m the writer, the director, and the star.  And as the sassy heroine in the comedy of my life, I’m confident that my leading man is calling to me from a bright future, reaching across time and getting me all revved up for the moment when we finally meet, when romance finally knocks on the door and moves in for good.  In the meantime, it’s a comedy and I’m LMAO! Love, C

My two cents:  it’s better to be a romantic fool than a lonely smarty-pants.


Well now, doesn’t that feel better?  It does to me.  I have always thought that this life was just like a movie, MY movie, with all its humor, mystery, and drama. Oh yea you know we loooove the drama, admit it.  It’s fun to get yourself into a pickle just like they do on the big screen, just to get yourself out in the nick of time.

The most important thing I have to remind myself from time to time is that life, just like the movies, always works out in the end.  You can go through all the drama (we like that, right?), and it’s all working out just the way it is supposed to.  Isn’t it funny how we can look back at our lives and see that everything that happened led to the next thing and the next thing that got you to right where you are now, right here, and you couldn’t have gotten here with out all those things that at the time seemed so horrible.  Well maybe not horrible (drama) but unnecessary.  Maybe if we could have been a little more conscious, paid a little more attention to our intuition, or the signs it wouldn’t have had to be so hard.  I do think we have control of that, but hard or not we do end up where we are to learn what we came here to learn.

I do think it can be more fun than it is sometimes.  So next time life seems to be going into drama, crazy stuff, take a breath, or a step back and think maybe, just maybe it is just like a movie, and we pay good money to go to the movies, right, to be scared, see drama, fall in love, laugh, and cry our eyes out   Lighten up and know you will get your happy ending.  xo-K

My two cents:  Remember how real the tears you cried were when you watched “The Notebook.”  Real sappy, heart-wrenching feelings,  but it was just a movie.

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