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grasping at straws of unhappiness

Have you ever noticed how some people don’t feel good unless they feel bad?  I think it’s an energy thing. We are, at our core, a walking pool of bio-electric energy and research has shown that how we feel affects our heart. And since our heart emits electro-magnetic waves, we have the capacity to connect with other people  by just feeling.  Ever notice how being around an Eeyore type person saps all your strength?

Once again, science has proved some of my favorite “woo-woo” theories to be true! The Heart Math Institute has done studies that have proved that our hearts emit energy so strong that it can affect people around us. And since our hearts can be affected by our emotions, how we feel can literally either bring those around us “up” or “down.” Crazy!

K and I had a great experience at the I Can Do It conference  in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. “Let’s do it!” she said one day during our daily phone-a-thon. “Let’s go to I Can Do It.” So, we did. It was amazing! Now, K has talked about what a great feeling  it is to go to an Abraham-Hicks workshop, and be in a room with 500 like-minded people. At I Can Do It, there are literally thousands. Talk about electricity! Plus, the whole event ‘s like an all-star lineup of all our favorite gurus: Louise L. Hay, Colette Baron Reid, Doreen Virtue, Sonia ChoquetteWayne Dyer, you name it.

After K and I heard Darren Weissman on the main stage, we decided to attend his break-out session. In case you don’t know, DW has developed a program of love and healing, called “Infinite Love and Gratitude.” So worth checking out!

In the break-out session, the first thing Dr. Darren did, was have all 200 people in the room get out of their chairs and form a giant circle around the perimeter of the room. “We’re all connected,” he said. To prove it, he had everyone hold hands. Between Dr. D and the person next to him, he held up his daughter’s doll, a battery-operated doll that is “wired” to say sweet things like “I love you” when a circuit is completed, usually by a little girl holding the doll’s two hands with her own. In our case, it was a room full of people, connected one to the other, all the way around the room. Once everyone was holding hands, Dr. D completed the circuit by touching the doll’s hand. “I love you,” she said. It was amazing! Hold hands: I love you. Stop connecting: no mas I love you.

So the way I see it, we have a choice. We can stay in a rut of looking at the “bad” things around us, grasping at straws of unhappiness, or we can connect, and share the “I love you.” Love, C

My two cents: life happens. Be happy anyway!


A few weeks ago C and I were talking about why people are so attached to being unhappy, negative or angry.  You can’t be human and not feel the pull of negativity sometimes, right?  Don’t we all know someone, who, every time you’re around them you,  feel like they sucked the life right out of you?  I have thought about this more times than I can remember. Why does re-telling the story of what went wrong, over and over feel so compelling? Why does feeling angry feel so good  when it is supposed to be a bad thing?

There have been times in the past, when I have been so angry and just gone off, and in the middle of it thought, what am I doing?  You are being a crazy person ranting and raving, what purpose is this going to serve? But at the same time it just felt so good I couldn’t stop myself, and really, I didn’t want to.  It felt so good to get it off my chest or give that person the what-for –I was justified, right?

I have to say this stumped me for years, whether it was me expressing my frustration and anger or being on the receiving end or someone else’s wrath.  Why does it feel so good to feel so bad?

Is it “misery loves company” . . .or is our story how we bond with others. . .whether  it’s via online chat groups,  or in the break room at work? What about when there’s a global disaster such as  9/11, or Haiti, or the BP oil spill?  It’s us against them.  Is unhappiness is the only way we can feel connected?

Something  I found helpful  is what  Abraham-Hicks calls the “Emotional Guidance Scale.”

The Emotional Guidance Scale

1. Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelment
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

The idea here is to find out where you are on the scale and work your way up.  Going up feels better, going down feels worse.  So if you’ve been hanging around at #22 (feeling depressed or powerless), jumping up to #17  (anger) feels pretty good.  Wow, now that makes sense.

The problem is most of the time people don’t like you angry so they try to talk you down from it, diffuse the situation.  No one realizes that the anger you’re now feeling is better than the depression you were feeling.  Maybe we need to allow people to feel the anger and  work through it  instead of trying to talk them out of it and pushing them back into depression or helplessness.

Feel what you are feeling, when you are feeling it? What an interesting concept. Maybe if we allowed ourselves and others to do that we would have less random irrational lashing out, road rage, or getting the life sucked out of you when you go into a meeting or have lunch with a friend who’s having a bad day.  Just a thought.  xo-K

My two cents:  You can always find your way to a better feeling place.



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the star you are

I’ve been working on developing a new super power: telepathy. After watching a video called Indigo Evolution, we all should be working on this one cause the new ones coming in have it down! Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Children, they are the kids who enter earth school at a higher frequency, the ones who didn’t forget who they really are.

Maybe I’ve just gotten lazy, and have stopped trying to shut out the information coming my way, broadcast all around, like radio signals.  Once, I lived on a hill in a town near where all the radio and television towers were.  We couldn’t get messages on our home phone because every time the machine got switched on by an incoming call, it picked up on the strongest radio wave floating through the air and recorded that instead of a voice message. The machine was bombarded by radio signals, so it simply broadcast the strongest one when it got switched on. People are like that too. If you think of our bodies as an energetic transmitter like a radio tower, our thoughts are the messages that we are broadcasting. Carolyn Myss and Robert Ohotto both say that we spend about 95 % of our energy blocking intuitive messages. We don’t have to try to be intuitive, we have to try to not be.

When someone says something  where their words don’t match their vibration, how do you know? Rather, where do you know? Where in your body do you feel when the words someone speaks are untrue? I usually feel it in my stomach, home of the third chakra and seat of will and power. I feel it in my solar plexus when someone is trying to manipulate or be energetically deceptive.   In a microsecond, our senses record and relay information and if the data that  they send to our intuitive center (heart) don’t match, we feel it. I get a feeling in my gut, something off, something ick. Anyone can learn how to read energy.

As a cultural creative, I don’t always pick up on social cues that are obvious to others.  Yeah, I know:  I’m a geek! At first, not being able to read ordinary social cues used to mess me up, but then I stopped depending on ‘outer’ feedback from my eyes and ears, and began to develop my ‘inner’ guidance and the more I listened to it, the more it spoke to me. Now, when I have an  encounter with someone, I don’t judge the situation or try to solve it from the level of the encounter. I recognize it for what it is; I understand that I picked up their signal and if our energies aren’t in alignment,  in a split second, I can ‘read’ the other person before detaching from the signal.  I can “feel” their feelings, and “see” pieces of their life. It’s okay to have compassion but if you let yourself get randomly attached to passing ‘signals’ you can end up carrying around a lot of other people’s stuff without knowing it!

It’s a new superpower and is anything but consistent, but I’m working on it. Love, C

My two cents: when you are aware of you own energy it becomes easier to be aware of others.


I love that C, it is so true! The more you practice this stuff the better you get at it and it really does seem like magic.

I actually just got to experience the whole energy thing first hand, right now, as we speak.  I just got off the phone with a really good friend of mine who has been battling a business associate in court.  What used to be a great partnership initially (or now that she really looks at it was never really good), has turned rather unbearable and they can’t seem to come to an agreement on anything.  They are fighting about money, who gets what, who’s right, who’s wrong, and neither one is willing to let go.  It just keeps going, on and on, no ending in sight.  Something that should have been resolved years ago is still going, still costing money in legal fees, not to mention my friend’s time, her emotional well being, and the worst part: her ENERGY.

She has really been trying to let it go, trying not to talk about it, not answering the scathing e-mails, trying to stay focused on her new business and her family, but guess what?  She is still holding the energy and when she was filling me in on what happened the last time they went to court, I could feel it,  she is still so connected to the whole thing and that is a big part of why it is still going on.  Is she justified?  Oh, yeah she is. Does she have every right to be furious and really want to win in court?  Oh hell yeah. Is her energy contributing to it staying stuck and never ending?  Sorry, but it is.

I could feel the power of the energy behind this whole thing.  I was just on the phone listening to her and it gave me a knot in my stomach and a pain in my back. That’s how powerful this stuff is guys! I know I am not the only one who has experienced something like this.

I was once involved in a business lawsuit for nine years that started as something so simple it should have and could have been resolved in one visit to a courtroom if that. But there where a lot of people, myself included, at the time who pretty much gave their undivided  attention to the matter  and that is all it took to give it wings.  What a waste. . . but it also shows how powerful we are.

You can’t put your energy on something unwanted and get what you want.  You just can’t, they are two very different vibrations.  Energy flows where attention goes, and it doesn’t matter what a judge thinks or doesn’t think about it.  This is a hard lesson for my friend, but I know when she gets it, she will really get it. Hey, it has taken me a while and I am still working on it, but boy does it feel great when you line up with it. Even for a moment.  xo-K

My two cents:  Practice putting your attention on what you want  and not what you dont want every single day.


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