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dream on…

I have been paying attention to my dreams now for as long as I can remember.  If I am going through something and I just can’t seem to figure out exactly what is going on and what the solution is, one of the first things I do is look at my dreams.  I’m lucky, I have always had pretty good dream recall, and there is always a lot going on when I go to sleep at night, sometimes I wake up just exhausted.

If you are interested in understanding your dreams there is only one book you need, The Dream Book, by Betty Bethards, is hands down the best most clear and helpful book on the subject and it really goes into detail about exactly what is going on when we sleep.

A few weeks ago when I had that “altercation” with my dad and basically told him to get out of my home, that night or maybe the next I dreamed I had a mustache.  Not a dark peach fuzz girl mustache, a full on thick coarse man mustache.  I was figuring out how it got there and trying to shave it off.  I looked up mustache in the dream book and mustache means power to clearly communicate. Well I was really clear with my dad for the first time ever, and I have to say I have never dreamed of a mustache before.

There are six basic kinds of dreams, according to Betty Bethards, she calls these dreams, clearing house/clutter, teaching, problem solving, precognitive, prophetic or visionary, and outside interference.  It can sometimes seem that we have just as much going on while we slumber as we do when we are awake and going about our day.

I started my spiritual path in my early 20’s and I became really fascinated in dreams, reading about them, and analyzing their meaning.  This was also around the time I fell hard for a wonderful boy who lived a million miles away.  When we were together in LA I would ask him every morning when he woke up what he dreamed the night before.  He thought it was a little silly but he would indulge me, and we would discuss our dreams over coffee.  When he was back in NY he would call me every morning and wake me up, he wanted to be the first voice I heard when I woke up, so sweet.  Anyway, on one particular morning he called me right as my alarm was chiming,  he was so excited as he reported to me, ” I dreamed about you last night, you were here, in bed with me.”  I was hardly awake but stunned nonetheless, I had dreamed of him too.  As he described his dream to me, it was the same dream I had.  I didn’t tell him, it was unbelievable.

Fast forward a few weeks, I’m on a red eye to NY for a visit.  Upon arrival, we had a quick breakfast then back to his apartment.  I hadn’t slept on the plane and needed a nap. When I walked into his room I almost lost it.  His room was exactly as I had seen it in my dream: the bed, the bedding, the view out the window.  Everything.  I kept this to myself, I didn’t know exactly what that was, I still don’t,  but I know I will never forget it. xo-K

My two cents:  Dreams are just one of many tools/gifts we have to help us navigate through life.


I am so glad K decided to write about this! I love dreams. I love sleeping, I adore the whole fluffy pillows, cozy bed, nocturnal journey through shadows adventure.

Back before I started studying dreams, astrology, and other esoteric topics, I had two very vivid pre-cognitive dreams. The first one was not long after I moved to Northern California. I dreamed of watching a volcano erupt, and very soon after that, Mt. St. Helens blew her top up in Washington state. A couple of years later, I dreamed of waking up in a Victorian mansion, startled by an earthquake, and vividly remember the chandelier in the room swaying from side to side. Fast forward a couple of months, and I was visiting with a beau in his apartment that was part of a Victorian mansion that had been subdivided into flats. We were dozing in his room in the afternoon, and suddenly the earth started shaking, and the chandelier in his room started to sway. That was the Coalinga earthquake, a pretty big one. I knew immediately that my premonition had not been “just a dream.”

I’ve always felt that dreams spoke a language that I wanted to understand and so when I found Betty Bethard’s dream book, it was like finding the key I had been searching for. Betty was an amazingly gifted woman, who after a near-death experience, came to realize that there is no “death” as we think of it, and she was gifted with a second sight. K and I saw her in person a couple of times, and she was amazing.  She had a gravely voice, like Sylvia Brown, and a heart as big as the moon. Betty is gone now, but her book is still in print; it’s that good.

We’ve all heard the basic explanation: “everyone in your dream is you.” But sometimes, there is more to the story. K just told me about an amazing dream she just had, involving vividly seeing a string of the number 4.  Then, there was another number, and if you know about numerology, you’re supposed to reduced all numbers down to a single number (22= 4, 33= 6, etc). Well so after the string of 4s, there was a larger, seemingly unrelated, number. As she was telling me about her dream, I quickly reduced the number down, and guess what? It was 4.  Some experts say that the number 4 means teaching/learning — and we sure are doing a lot of that, these days!

One thing for sure: dreams are never, and I mean NEVER, random my dear. So pay attention! Love, C

My two cents: What if your “dreams” are real, and “reality” is just the dream?



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sunshine and moonbeams

I have a Zen alarm clock that I adore. It wakes me gently up each morning with a single melodic chime — piiiiing–timed  at intervals that are based on the sacred geometry of halves, which may or may not be the geometry of our  3-D physical hard-wiring, if it matters. Anyway, one of the reasons I love my clock so much is that it calls me gradually from my dreams and so I can experience them vividly.

Most mornings, I savor waking up slowly and magisterially. But this morning, I was having a decidedly unpleasant dream in which I was in a large two story house full of people that would soon be under attack. Everyone in the town had the choice to leave or to stay and fight, and I was all, “oh, I’m good to leave, thanks,” but I couldn’t find a way out of the house. As soldiers were bringing in all kinds of weapons and ammo, I kept looking for a door out, not anxious, but wanting to leave. Needless to say that by the time I awoke fully,  my mood matched the weather: overcast and stormy. Not my favorite way to start the day!

It was a regular morning plus I was feeling a little emotionally turbulent, plus my morning meditation felt random, then I discovered ants trying to colonize my electric toothbrush charger and had to relocate them (down the drain), queen and all. Ick! I didn’t want to move into my day without redirecting my energy and thoughts to a better feeling place because what you think about expands, and I wanted to have a pleasant day!  And then as I went about getting ready for work, very quietly, I made a plea to buddhakrishnajesus to help me find a way to feel good because I wasn’t finding it on my own.

And then, the sweetest thing happened! I walked into the bathroom, and there in the middle of the white tile floor, was a tiny gray feather. I bent to pick it up and was filled with such gratitude for the message: you’re not alone. we’re always here. In the movie of my life, this is a mystical moment with rays of silvery light shooting out of me and Jakob Dylan is playing the guitar; the air is heavy with the perfume of spring flowers, and  the gates to OZ crack open just a little bit.

We’ve all been told that our guides, angels, Aunt Winnie, will leave little tokens of their affection lying around for us to find, and find comfort in. When I found that sweet feather, I felt the sadness left over from the dream dissipate and disappear. It was a small thing, but the energy of it shifted my entire day. I love having friends in high places! Love, C

My two cents: when you place an order with the cosmic concierge, pay attention to the signs that let you know your request has been received.


I bet a lot of people think that just because we are doing this work, directing our thoughts, focusing on what we want,etc. that it is always yippee skippy, sunshine and moonbeams with us.  Well let me tell you, and if you don’t believe me ask my daughter, I am not a morning person.  I love to sleep.  I too, have a little zen alarm on my phone that I wake up to but it always seems to ring about an hour before I would like to wake up, and I am kinda cranky more mornings than not.  But I know that I have a choice about how I want my day to go. I have the choice if I want to go from tired and cranky, to full on bitchy or not; and I very rarely choose that route.

Most mornings I hit the snooze and spend the next ten minutes before my zen chimes again to meditate, appreciate, and get myself into a happy place.  With much work, dedication and practice, I have learned that I decide how I want my day to go.  Now I didn’t say that I get to decide what is going to happen, because let’s face it nobody can do that.  I decide how I am going to feel about whatever comes my way.  How I react to what goes on out there is my choice, so in essence I decide if it’s going to be a day that’s great or a day that should have never started.

This stuff takes practice, lots of practice, everyday –until it becomes second nature.  Sometimes you just have to stop, take a breath, take a moment, rewind.  There is no right or wrong way to do this, but just know that the more conscious you are, the easier it gets.  Do I have it down? Not quite  but I’m getting close.  These days, if I start to go there to the dark place where bitchy lives, I can feel it coming and stop it before it gets too crazy. Then some days I don’t, and that’s okay too.

One of the things that has really been a life saver for me is my new fav mantra/affirmation,  Everything always works out for me. When I start to get overwhelmed or stressed out, I just start that affirmation and it’s just like taking a big yummy deep breath.  So calming, and I just know that everything is just as it is supposed to be.  That is my new personal favorite, but I think everyone needs to find something that feels right for them.  Keep it general, so the same thing can apply to different areas of your life.  It’s just easier that way, and there is not as much resistance to a general statement.

There is no one way to do any of this stuff, it is all trial and error.  Find out what works for you to get you to the place you want to be, and you will be amazed at how wonderful your life can be. xo-K

My two cents:  Be easy with yourself, and enjoy the ride.


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