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best friends forever

When I was in High School my best friend D was my partner in crime.  We got ourselves into all kinds of mayhem, we could plot and scheme our way into or out of anything. Harmless stuff really. Need to borrow a car?  Who cared if we were only fifteen and didn’t have a license? Not us.  Home way past curfew?  We could talk our way out of that.  Hell, we even convinced our counselor that we needed to skip fifth  period psychology every Friday, just ‘cuz.

If we needed to figure anything out, between the two of us we could do it, and do it brilliantly.  We felt like Lucy and Ethel, and of course we always had our Rickys and Freds waiting in the wings, scratching their heads but loving every minute of it.

There is something so wonderful about having a best friend  you can totally depend on,  someone who loves you unconditionally and is always there for you.  The keeper of your secrets and dreams.  I’ve been very lucky to have many best friends throughout my life.  I am an only child, so friends are probably more precious to me since I never had a sibling.  My friends where my family.

I’ve also had my share of boyfriends.   But I’ve never had a boyfriend who was a best friend. I guess I always thought  you had your friends and then you had your dates.  How many hours did the “girls” spend trying to figure out the “boys”?  Way too many. I never considered you could have a partner who was also your best friend.

The  first time I saw an example of this was at an Abraham-Hicks workshop.  It was clear to me that Esther and Jerry Hicks had something very special.  They are partners in crime for sure and they love working together, “being” together, and it’s obvious they really enjoy each other.  I love how they are together.

Last Sunday I was watching “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” on the Food Network.   I wasn’t really paying much attention until I saw this couple.  They were driving across the country visiting as many of the “Dives” that Guy Fieri highlighted on the show as they could.  They were so cool, it was clear that they were enjoying what they were doing, and enjoying each other.  They seemed to be having so much fun, so in sync.  Like best friends. Then it hit me,  that’s what I want in a relationship!  xo-K

My two cents:  Once you recognize what you want you start to see more and more examples of it.


Yeah, friends and lovers.  Sometimes they’re the same person, sometimes they’re not. During one of my most epic break-ups, mi amor cried and said he was losing his best friend. I don’t know what was sadder: the break-up, or that I couldn’t tell him I was losing my bf, too. Ouch to the nth.

Do we expect too much from our lovers? Sometimes, I think so. We have these ideas about who and what they should be and when they show us who they really are, we’re disappointed.  But I don’t think that the way to avoid being disappointed is to stop loving. Oh, heck no.  This tattered heart of mine will continue to beat for love until I’m wearing angel wings, and then some. The answer isn’t to shut down. The answer is perhaps, to love differently.

What we expect from love has evolved over time. The notion of marriage for love is pretty  new, historically speaking. Marriages used to be a business arrangement to secure countries, farms, goats, you name it. Marriage wasn’t about love, it was a transaction. If you got love in the bargain, bonus!  Now that I have become a woman of a certain age, I might even venture to suggest that much of what could be called romantic love is biology at work. I thought I loved my first husband, but now I wonder: was it my heart that was running the show, or my ovaries? Not that I didn’t love him, I did. But maybe not for the reasons I believed.

Best friends are simple. Love is tricky. As a girl, my grandmother fell in love with a boy who lived in a nearby town, but her parents had already chosen a husband for her, my grandfather. Many years later, after Grandpa passed, Grandma looked up her old beau. By then he was widowed too, and they married. In their twilight time, they finally got to express the love they had sparked fifty years earlier. Were they bf’s? I don’t know. But I do know that the initial love they felt had survived the passage of time.

I adore my friends. If my lover also happens to be my bf, I consider myself one lucky girl. Love, C

My two cents: Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and your lover closest of all.



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what’s in it for me?

Yesterday, I had to run out to a winery to pick up a donation for this big fancy-pants fundraiser I’m planning. When I finally found the place high on a mountain top, it was a construction zone. I had two addresses for the winery, and the other one was exactly 20 miles away. For half a minute, I thought about tip-toeing through the hard hat zone to see if I was at the right place, but I dismissed the idea. I got back into my car and drove to the other location, only to be told that what I needed was back where I started. Sigh!

Going with the flow, going with your intuition always seems to work out best.  And when you don’t, it kind of bites you in the ass. Have you noticed?

Last weekend I was invited to dinner with a friend, and I almost opted out but then thought, what the heck, life is short, carpe diem. And wouldn’t you know, I sat across the dinner table from a woman whose company I’d been trying to make contact with, but without much luck. We were just casually talking and when I found out she was with Company X, I asked her if I could call her the next day, and of course she agreed.  So cool!

A couple of days ago, I had to dash to Macy’s at lunch and pick up some mascara. Yeah, why can’t I just wear the drug store brand? Anyway, I got to the cosmetics counter, and got my order ready, then the computer wouldn’t accept my card. So, Kat, my super-cool sales associate, placed a call. She was so sweet and apologetic about my “inconvenience” — and I was very aware that I was standing  at the intersection of amused and beotch, and could go either way. Long story short and about 3o minutes later, I learned that my account had been closed. What? Yeah, not by me, but whatever. The upside? I got a sack full of groovy cosmetic samples, Kat and I are now buddies, and she’s very excited about getting to know Two Girls.

You know, I could have got all righteous about the screw-up at the department store, but instead, I had fun with it. After all, no one lost a limb or a life, and I made a new friend.  Love, C

My two cents: Sometimes you need to leap first and ask questions later. Sometimes you just need to relax and ask for samples.


I always ask for samples, so cute, perfect size to toss in your purse.  I just love getting free stuff.  A few months ago a friend from work and I decided we were going to get something free, everyday, just for fun. Every morning we would make the statement, I’m going to get something  free today.  Then we would let it go and go about our business.  It usually didn’t take long before a client brought in a coffee or a bottle of wine.  It didn’t have to be anything big, just free.  So much fun!

Just set an intention, let it go with no attachment to the outcome. Don’t worry about it not happening or all the ways it can’t happen, just toss it out there. . . and before you know it, there it is.  So cool.

There have been times that I thought I wanted something to happen,  then forgot about it completely until it showed up, just the way I had hoped it would.  This has happened the other way around too.   I wanted something soooo bad, thought about it constantly, thought I would die without it, and guess what?  It didn’t happen in the way I had planned, it played out differently –and much better.  Thank goodness.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been rushing off to work  and can’t find my keys for a few minutes. Aghh! So frustrating!  When I finally get in my car and on my way I find that had I left a few minutes earlier I would have been involved in the accident that I am now slowly driving past.  Seems like a stretch  to connect misplacing your keys with missing a traffic situation, but you can’t make this stuff up.  There is so much going on out there that we don’t know about , that we can’t understand.

I have come to the conclusion that there is something to be learned from everything that gets our attention.  And when something comes up over and over again. . .well, I try to take some time to ask my guides or my angels,  “what’s in this for me?”

Oh, and I never forget to say a little thank you for all my gifts.  xo-K

My two cents:  Be clear about what you want, but be flexible about how it manifests.

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you probably think this blog is about you

Everyone loves Two Girls!!  I am shocked, amazed, awestruck, amused and most of all grateful.  C and I have always written from the heart, and we usually write about what is happening. . . right now.  That being said, everyone who comes in contact with us is potentially Two Girls material.  As much as we try to mix it up, people might come to the conclusion that  we are talking about them in our blog.  This has happen to me on more than one occasion.

Sometimes we talk about dating and relationships, and C, who btw,  in the past hadn’t  shared much of her personal info when she is dating someone new, is now much more open and lets  her dates know who she is and what she does, including the fact that she writes a blog. This is great, but sometimes  I think, don’t tell them… I want to write about them and now they will totally know we’re talking about them. That being said we  have to be a bit creative when we are telling our story as to not incriminate or hurt feelings.

I have heard from quite a few friends and fans of Two Girls when a post really resonated with them, that they were going through something and then read our most recent post and it was about just the thing they were working through.  I love when that happens.  See: we are all more alike than we are different.

We all want to love and be loved.  We all want health and prosperity for ourselves, our family, and our friends.  We have all dealt with heartache, loss, and disappointment. We have all been afraid.  Lost a job or a loved one.  Or maybe just had a crappy day.  Oh, and don’t get me started on Mercury Retrograde.  We all just want to be happy and have a joy filled life.

September has been a hard month.  There’s a lot going on energetically, it is a great time for releasing, so when stuff comes up for you (and it will), make sure you have someone to work through it with.  Oh, and if you want to be part of  Two Girls, we’d love to have you.  Leave us a comment. Maybe you have something to share that would be beneficial for others to hear.  xo-K

My two cents:  If you think this blog is about you, it is probably for you.


Yeah, K and I have been working on these principles for a while.  We talk about this stuff for hours.  As time goes by it’s become more and more clear that: a) we’re kinda getting better at it even though we have a ways to go, and b) we  totally see these principles at work in our lives and the lives of those around us. Cool!

It’s so true: we need each other. Not just me and K — all of us. We need each other! Not just for sex and safety and survival, and all that primal stuff. We need each other so that we can see each other, see our own Divine spark reflected back in someone’s eyes.  My blog partner and I are mirrors for each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly. . .and then we blog about it.

Yeah, if you know us, chances are that you’ll show up on the “pages” of Two Girls. Not that you will recognize yourself, because that would just not be fair. When we have written about someone without disguise, they knew about it ahead of time and agreed to it.   I have already gone on record that as a writer, my style could be called voyeur. I watch. I watch people, I observe the world.  And then I tell stories.  I know for me, the best part of camping is certainly not the bugs and the dirt . . .it’s the stories around the campfire. Well, the stories and the s’mores and the stars above.

If you think that you see yourself in one of our stories, rest assured you’re not the only one. Are we psychic? Well yeah, sure. But more to the point, we are all sharing an experience here on this groovy little planet and as much as we sometimes think we are all alone, we are not. Do you remember as a teenager, going through some terribly painful initiation on the path to “growing up,”  and thinking what a freak you were, only to hear something, read something, share your story with a trusted friend, then realize that you weren’t alone? We are not alone. We’ve never been alone.

So are we writing about you? Maybe. But more importantly, does what we write mean something to you? That’s the question. Love, C

My two cents: the Divine in me sees the Divine in you and says: Namaste.



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living our blog

I have been asked so many times  if we worry we’ll run out of topics to blog about.  Are you kidding me? C and I are living our blog.  This is our lives.  We write about what going on with us, what we’re working on, what we’re observing in other people.  I don’t think we’ll ever run out of things to write about.

C and I talk at least once a day on the phone and have for many years,  it’s like our own mini therapy sessions, in the morning before work and after I drop my daughter off at school.  We talk about our lives, work, boys, money, God.   All the important stuff.  More times than not, we’ll get on a roll, and hit on something really big.  That’s a blog, one of us will say after the other has basically channeled something profound and amazing, (at least it is to us).

We write about what is important to us.  It’s sincere, we are not writing what we think people want to hear, we are not trying to push or sell anything, we are writing for ourselves, period.  And sometimes what we write about comes back to bite one of us. . . right in the ass.

Just last week while we were working on going retro, I started having problems with my computer.  Actually, the issues with the computer came first, which gave us the idea of writing about Mercury Retrograde.  It was happening simultaneously but the more I was focused of the tricks of the transit, the more glitchy my computer got.  Imagine that.

Whether you are writing a blog, writing in a journal or just talking to your friends, whatever you’re putting your attention on is getting bigger, more noticeable, or more clear.  Something pops up for one of us, and bam there’s a blog.  Start writing the blog, bam, more insight on the subject.  Just keeps getting more and more clear, which is a good thing btw. It didn’t seem good when I had to go out and buy a new computer the other day, especially when I wasn’t planning to, but it is what it is.  And I was giving my malfunctioning computer a whole lot of my attention. . . .Just sayin’.

We are here to learn and grow, and I’m not suggesting everyone start blogging, although it is tons of fun;  just be aware of where you are putting your attention.  If you are trying to figure something out, maybe you could try journaling about it.  Sitting with something and writing it down gives you huge insight, at least it does for me.  Energy flows where attention goes, and we are living proof of that.  xo-K

My two cents:  Sometimes things need to get really big so you can see them clearly.


It wasn’t long after starting to write down all of the things we talk about, that K and I realized that we were living our blog. Come on! Yeah, energy is like that: be careful what you wish for! Nothing like going public with your “conversation” to make you really get that thoughts are energy, and energy creates experience. Oh, and that’s another aspect of walking a spiritual path: Source will call you on your sh*t, every single time!

Of course, we laugh about it. K and I will be talking and she’ll say, “wait, didn’t you just blog about this?” Of course, it will be something to do with walking the talk, and I’ll know I’ve just been busted. Damn!  Like, back at the beginning of our little blogging journey, we wrote “Lighten Up” about looking at your life like a movie, where you get to be the writer, director, producer, and star. Great idea, right? So then one day not long after we published that little gem, I was complaining to K about some minor annoyance that I had managed to blow up into a pretty big deal. “Honey,” she said, “Did you read what you just wrote? You’re the writer of your movie. If you don’t like it, don’t just throw popcorn at the screen. . .change the script!” Damn!

Happens all the time. K has an issue with the fam? No doubt there’s a blog waiting to be written. And I can’t tell you how many times she’ll be working out an issue, writing about it, and shazam! The answer, the Divine Whisper, the cosmic aha moment, comes washing over her and not only does she get the answer she was looking for, but she also gets a stellar blog.

Back in the beginning, we wrote mostly about love, partnerships, romance. Our vision has expanded a little since then. We’ve come to embrace all aspects of love, all aspects of relationship. Hey — technically speaking, we are all in relation to everyone else — and therefore are in relationship with everyone else. Just sayin’. . . .

So anyway, early on, K and I began to notice that the way we worked together on Two Girls was the way that we both envision a “relationship” with a soul mate, a twin flame, the One. We are in agreement that the blog (relationship) is our first concern. If an issue comes up, we decide jointly about the outcome. There is no “I want it my way” discussion. It always comes down to “what is good for the blog?” And that is the primary concern, no matter what.

When it comes to what we write about and how we do it, we work together. She helps me, I help her. It’s more than just friendship, it is about this beautiful work of art that we have created together. There is a deeply spiritual element about it and we both know that it is blessed in a way with both of our efforts, that it could never have been if we had gone at it solo. Truly, where two are more are gathered, miracles happen. Love, C

My two cents: You can live your life through ego, or you can life your life through love; only one will get you what you really want.


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i will remember you

I once knew a photographer, an amazing and talented  man.  D had a wildly eclectic collection of friends, and I am glad to have been counted as one.  I had just run away (sort of) to California, and he was living next door to a pal from the hot air balloon crowd I ran with. He was living with his children in a sprawling ranch-style home in the wine country and hosting impromptu summertime pool parties when I met him. His wife had high tailed it back to San Francisco, but D was happiest in the country. He was a rogue, a ladies man, and though I always enjoyed his company, I never enjoyed it like that. Not that he didn’t try: I was always swatting his hand away from my girl parts. I never took it personally, and neither did he.

After a while, D’s kids grew up, and he remarried. We remained friends. While I was never close to his second wife, we were friendly, connected by our affection to charming,  lovable, dapper, D. My friend was old school. He grew up in Austria, and his family fled the Nazis. Soldiers actually visited his family home one night, took his father out and roughed him up. Soon after, the family fled Austria Von Trapp family style: over the Alps. They eventually landed in San Francisco, and then migrated up to wine country. D never lost his old world charm. He was a speaker of languages, a lover of life.

About ten years ago, his memory started to go. First it was little things like appointments, grocery lists, the exact location of car keys. Then it got gradually worse. Finally, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. There was a period of time when he would call me every week. “C,” he said. “We miss you! Please come visit!” I agreed. “Of course I’ll come,” I said. “I’ll see you soon.” And I did come. We had lunch and a visit. Somewhere along the line, he stopped making grabs for my girl parts, and it was kind of sad. I knew he was slipping away.  The calls continued. Weekly. “C! It’s been so long since we’ve seen you. We miss you! Please come visit!” Yes, yes, I said. I didn’t feel too bad about not visiting as often because I realized he didn’t remember when I did.

Finally, the last time I visited with them, I happened to be in the town where they live and dropped by. This had always been our custom: drop by when you can. Visit. Have a glass of wine, share stories. This time, Wife Deux was very glad to see me. “D, look! It’s C!” she said. “Say hello!” she said. Charming and sweet as ever, D politely kissed my cheek and said hello. He hadn’t a clue who I was.

Abraham says that people like D are living in two worlds. Part of them have re-emerged with Source and are well and happy and content, while part of them remain here fulfilling a promise, not quite yet ready to go. Even though D can’t remember me, I remember him with enough love and gratitude for both of us. Love, C

My two cents: The love you share exists. Always.


Ahhh, I remember D, he was a scoundrel, a flirt, a real ladies man.  I don’t think that guy could look at you without making you feel like a million bucks.  He sure did know how to appreciate a lady.  I cut his hair for years, and when his memory started to go, and he started just showing up at random times, I took care of him anyway.  I haven’t seen him in years, but I think of him often.  He was old school, he look like an old movie star but a little more rugged, with a heart of gold.

He lived about forty minutes away from the salon so in the last year or so that I saw him I was always a little surprised to see him.  He always tried to make it down for a haircut.  I’m sure he could have gotten his hair cut five minutes from his house, but no; he would always try to make it in to see me.  Sometimes he would schedule an appointment and not show up. That always worried me.  I didn’t really like him driving that far, it made me nervous that he might lose his way or get into trouble, but then I figured he had his angels with him and if he lost his way they would take over and get him where he needed to be.

Who knows why some people end up without memories of the past?  Maybe when you are half in this world and half in another it’s not important to reflect back.  Maybe he was ready to go before others were ready to let him go, it’s hard to live without someone who has been such a huge presence in your life.  I guess that’s why we have memories while we’re still  here, so it’s a little easier to let someone go when it’s their time and we can always have them in our hearts.  Love to you D.  xo-K

My two cents:  True love never dies.


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a different kind of love story

Gonna mix it up a bit today.  A dear friend forwarded me this story, it’s her story, and I had to share it.  There are all kinds of love and this just proves how much love is out there.  Love you, “T”!


So it is a typical Wednesday evening and I am driving home from the grocery store with a whole host of items including frozen yogurt, Boca Burgers and the rest in my reusable bags. For some unknown  reason the box boy can never figure out to use the insulated bag for the cold items….

I have chosen to drive down my favorite neighborhood street in Tustin, which is lined with the most beautiful king palms and always makes me happy.  Driving along at dusk I notice this medium sized adorable black dog with no dog walker, I think uh oh, who does he belong to?  I am reluctant to stop as I have been accused of having milk bones and net in my car from previous dog rescues…. So I pull up next to two men who are walking dogs and I say, “Hey, do you guys know that black dog back there?” They reply, “No, but you should go get him because he matches your car.” I thank them and drive off slowly and tentatively….I check my rear view mirror one last time and I see the little guy cross the busy street and think, that’s it, I gotta go get him.

Thoughts jump into my head like he isn’t going to make it; it’s getting dark and since he is black he will not be seen.  I have two black pets and am well aware of how hard it is to see them at night.  So I turn around and park and get out and slowly walk over to this bear cub looking dog and say, “Hi boy, are you lost?”  He looks back over at me as if to say, “Hi lady, do I know you? You seem friendly.”  Firstly, I notice he is an older boy and likely a pit bull mix and has the first signs of cataracts, so now I’m really thinking okay, it’s dark he can’t see and also can’t be seen….a lethal combo for survival of an older boy who is clearly lost. While he looks quite menacing I can see in his beautiful older eyes he really is a love bug.  I check for a collar and see none; so I coax him to my car and he willingly hops into the driver’s seat and then over to the passenger seat and looks over at me with this loving look of okay take me home. He’s in the car now what?

Next thought is, I wonder if he is chipped and I am hoping that I can get him “scanned” in time before the local vet shuts for the day, I make my way over to Newport Animal Hospital and leave him in the car where he patiently waits. It occurs to me this is likely not his vet as he doesn’t seem anxious in the least.  I grab a blue temporary leash for my new friend and take him into the vet’s office.    So the gal at the office wands him only to find my new BFFF (Best Fury Friend Forever) has no chip….so the other gal calls the local shelter and they inform her they are shutting in 15 minutes and I will have to take this lovable beast to the police department to sleep there and then animal control will haul his butt over to the shelter in the morning, where he will wait and hopefully be picked up by his owner.  I just can’t bear the thought of it all and I start to pray for a little divine intervention that I can get this adorable old boy home.

I am now having a conversation with my new BFFF and asking where he lives?  I decide that I will at least go back to where I found him and walk around with him on the blue leash and see if anyone recognizes the boy. On the ride over I ask several bike riders and dog walkers about my passenger and they all sadly say they don’t know him.  By now I think oh well, screw the frozen yogurt I probably don’t need it anyway…I’m sure the Bocas will bounce back.

I get back over to my favorite street and park up near where I found him and get him back out of the car and on the leash and I hear a bark and I think hmm, a dog owner will likely know the hood and neighboring dogs, so I knock on the beautiful ranch style house door and the nicest family is getting ready to go somewhere and all come out to admire my new BFFF. Unfortunately, they don’t know the little guy and continue on with their evening plans.

Another dead end.  I get the boy back into the car and really do not want to go to the police station and I think, wait he crossed the street right over there, I’ll try one more street and see if I get anywhere.  As I make the right turn onto the cul-de-sac I notice a white Range Rover to the left with a bike rack, the guy in the drivers seat is not really parked but more like pulled to the side of the road.   Defeated by now, I roll down my window and say to the guy, “Hey, are you looking for a dog?”  To my amazement he lights up and says, YES! I almost start crying I am so happy.  He shouts for me to follow him whilst he reverses down the cul-de-sac into his driveway and say this is where we live!  This is Angus! And I am K.C. and you are Angus’ God Mother. We visit for a brief moment and he holds Angus with all his love and tells me that Angus is an English full bred beast and he is an eleven year old.  K.C. also tells me that the dog has two homes; this one we are at and one near by; Angus thinks he can come and go to both whenever he likes.  So Angus knows the hood but somehow escaped without his collar and was just chilling around the streets.  Right before I am back out of the driveway K.C. gives me back the blue leash and with a broad smile says; please keep this for the future in case you see Angus again.

My two cents:  There is always an opportunity to love, be open to it!

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would you rather be happy or right?

I was listening to super coach Michael Neil this morning on HayHouseRadio.com while getting ready for my day. I have to admit, that of all the Hay House show hosts, Michael is not always my favorite. Sometimes his everlasting cheerfulness dances on my last nerve! But this morning, his topic caught my interest. This morning he was talking about how to know when to push ahead when you come up against an obstacle to a goal, and when to say, ‘oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be,’ and move on. Great question!

The short version of his answer boils down to this: do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? I apply this question to small issues, big issues, and everything in between! Personally, my answer is, I want to be happy because if right doesn’t make me happy, right isn’t going to get me where I want to go.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat when it comes to negotiating terms with your spouse/neighbor/boss/sales clerk/what ev, not at all. It simply means you always have a choice about the outcome of a disagreement. Can you get what you want and still be right? Of course. But I’m talking about being able to step back and objectively look at a situation. Maybe it comes down to taking an honest inventory and looking at a deep drive to be right. Were you never right as a kid and as a consequence carried the need to be right into your adult life? Does the need to be right make you happy? Honestly? Does having to be right taint your relationships or hurt the ones you love?

When in doubt, consult your body. It never lies — seriously! Right now, think about something you feel super righteous about, something you feel ready to fight for because you feel the truth is on your side. Now, switch your thoughts from your head to your body. How does the need to be right feel? Does it feel hard, rigid, dark, afraid? No doubt! On the other hand, think about letting go of the need to be right, and choosing just once, just for a minute, to be happy instead. How does that feel? To me, that choice feels soft, creative, spontaneous, calm. Now, which feeling would you rather carry around with you as you move about your world?

The thing is, life is complicated. Messy. But when you realize that you’re the one who gets to create your life based on the thoughts you think, the beliefs you construct, and a few guiding principles, it gets simple, fast. Deciding to be happy is a guiding principle in my life. It makes things very, very simple. And call me crazy, but simple works for me! Love, C

My two cents: every moment is a chance to be happy. Choose happy, and everything else falls into place.


I used to feel the only way I could be happy was if I was right.  Man, was that exhausting.  Having to expend all that energy trying to convince people that my way was the best way, or rather the only way, was intense.  God forbid someone didn’t agree with me,  let alone be unhappy with me.

I got that I had to let go of being right all the time, I absolutely choose happy.  I actually like not being right or not knowing something; it causes me to grow and learn and expand so much, it’s amazing.  The big one for me and I am sure you too, is feeling okay if someone is mad at me.

I used to run a thing in my head over and over again, saying it  a different way every time to see what would be the perfect way to make my point, have the person I was talking to get what I was saying and not be mad at me.  Control much??  Instead of just speaking my truth, and letting the chips fall where they may, I had to say it in a way as to not hurt feelings, or ruffle feathers.  But if you do that, what you are saying doesn’t match up to your energy, your non-verbal communication, and the person really doesn’t know what you’re trying to say.  What a mess.

So now I am free. If I have something on my mind, I say it.  If I have issue with someone, I express it.  I no longer wait for the  right time,  because timing is everything, right?  No, the right time to talk about something is when it is happening, when you are feeling it.  

This has been challenging most of all, with my teenage daughter.  Nobody wants their kid to be mad at them, but I will tell you one thing, when someone knows exactly where they stand with you and you match your words and your vibration up when you talk to them, they get exactly what you are saying.  She might get a little upset with me. I am finally fine with that.  It is okay for her to feel how she feels and be mad at me if I say or do something she doesn’t like.  Allowing someone to feel how they feel and accepting it is just like choosing to be right or be happy, in a way.  And I’m choosing happy all the way!!! xo-K

My two cents:  Be true to yourself , don’t let things get too out of hand and there is nothing you can’t handle.


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