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going retro

I know it isn’t nice and it really isn’t PC, but I sometimes stereotype people. I know! Sometimes I’ll find myself talking to a new friend and suddenly I’ll ask, “when is your birthday?” And sure enough, they’ll say Leo or Aries or Pisces, and I’ll just laugh. Of course!

Most people don’t admit to believing in astrology, but they will still read their horoscope “just to be safe.” Astrology is an ancient wisdom based on a knowledge that we’re all connected, planets, stars, moons, and all.  We’ll all swimming around in the same cosmic soup! You are no more just your “sign” than you are just your eye or hair color, or the car you drive. But all of these things, they say a little something about you.

I remember the first time I read Linda Goodman’s book Sun Signs. I felt like she had looked right into my soul. How could she know? Well, that’s the beauty of astrology.

Some truths are just undeniable. Libras (the scales) are balance-loving diplomats. Leos are lion hearted heroes. Pisceans have a watery, mystical soul even if they haven’t the slightest idea of what to do with it! I’m a Libra, which is an air sign. You can ask anyone, and they will tell you that I tend to get lost in ideas, the more esoteric, the better. Leos are a fire sign. Every Leo I’ve ever known has been super passionate about everything they do. Stereotype? Maybe. But some truths are true whether you believe them or not.

Beyond personal signs, there are the planets and their influence on our little Earth-bound  lives. Mercury, for instance, rules things related to communication. Since the planet Mercury spins around our sun so fast, it appears to move backward through the sky three or four times a year. Of course it isn’t actually moving backward, it just appears to be. When Mercury goes Retro, electronics like phones and computers tend to go haywire.  At such times, it’s good to slow down a little, be somewhat more reflective.

Rob Breszny is one of my favorite astrologers. He’s funny, irreverent, and very, very accurate. I love to read Rob’s monthly astro-predictions. Many times they are insightful. Often, they make me smile. And when he advises extra caution because Mercury is going Retro, I use the information not to change the way I operate during my daily  life, but to help explain the weirdly unexplainable when it shows up in all its glory.

Another site I love is Maya Del Mar’s Daykeeper Journal. Maya has moved on, but her site is still maintained by a loyal group of very talented astrologers. Mark Husson, hosts a regular show on Hay House Radio. He is by far, one of the kindest, sweetest souls, and his readings are always amazing.

Should you run you life based on your astrological chart? I can’t say for sure, but I do know, that sometimes it’s great to have a ‘heads up’ when things are about to get a little weird! Love, C

My two cents: we have so many wonderful tools at our disposal, why not use them?


I should have known Mercury Retrograde was upon us when my computer started flickering and then went to black over and over again.  Didn’t even enter my mind that might be the reason, and I know about this stuff. I just started putzing around on my keyboard, trying to do things that I had done before when my computer was acting up, but who am I kidding, I have no idea what I am doing.  Then after an hour on the phone with Anoop from Dell, grrr, can anyone say frustration?  Needless to say I was not happy.

The planet Mercury rules thinking and perception and all types of communication. When Mercury goes retrograde it gives rise to personal misunderstandings. There would be delays, flaws, and hitches in all communication related areas like transportation, trade, etc. Astrologers advise not to make any important decisions while Mercury is retrograde, since it is likely that such decisions will be marred by misinformation, poor communication and careless thinking.~ findyourfate.com

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  I don’t know about you, but when things start going haywire in my life, or when things are just a little out of sync, I wonder, is it me?  Was it something I did or is it forces beyond my control?  Whatever it is, I wanna know.  And when it makes sense to me I feel better.

This morning as I was getting ready for work my friend/client/housekeeper, M, showed up to do her part of our trade. She cleans my house, I make her beautiful.  It’s a fair trade and we are both happy with the arrangement. Anyway, she started on about the cruise that she and her husband were treating her mother to.  It was her mother’s birthday and even though their relationship has been strained ever since M was a child, they were all going on a trip to Alaska.  Let’s just say M has a very loving and forgiving heart and is a much bigger person than me.

M started filling me in on the latest fiasco with her mother: she had received an email stating that she, (mama) was unhappy with one part of what was going to happen in Seattle the night before they left to head to the ship.  Mama drama, to say the least.  M was flustered but trying to stay calm.  I told her,  “Well you know we are in Mercury Retrograde, so just try to keep your cool and just know how that mucks up communication.” She  knows about all this stuff but didn’t realize we were in MR.  This was a sneaky one; almost slipped by me too.

“When’s it going to be over?” she asked.  We looked it up on the computer, she was ready to cancel the cruise when I told her it would be holding strong throughout the whole week  of her vacation.  I told her, “Just be mindful, relax, breathe.”  She said, “Nope, it’s gonna be  me, Valium, and cocktails.”  Hey what ever works.  xo-K

My two cents:  Let the force be with you.



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more on money~

You know we Two Girls love our teachers, right? My current fav is Stephen Russell, aka the Barefoot Doctor. BD has a series of guided meditations that I really like, and always find myself feeling more energized after listening to them. He also has a website called the Supercharged Taoist.  (Tao pronounced Dao) I don’t know about you, but I don’t know much about Taoism. Oh, sure, I’ve heard Wayne Dyer talk about the teachings and wisdom of the Tao, but haven’t really studied it myself.

I first heard about BD on Hay House Radio, where he had a program for several months, and got totally hooked on his down to earth teachings and before I knew it, I had subscribed to his websites. I love opening my email and finding messages that spark my curiosity or offer a new way to look at the world. Recently, BD sent me a message about manifesting abundance with Wu Wei. He said: “if you want to manifest effortlessly with Wu Wei, you set up an intention, then either fear not achieving it, or trust you will achieve it. If you are successful, you will transition into a more expanded, satisfying, fulfilling and glorious reality.” Sign me up!

According to Russell, Wu Wei is the  Taoist principle of achievement without struggle. It means you have to give up the idea that you know exactly how things should turn out for your highest good and the highest good of those around you. Instead, we are to trust the universal life force, God, the Tao, whatever you call it, to make sure everything turns out for your highest good. Ha! Easier said than done, right? According to BD, “manifesting different realities depends on letting go of the erroneous notion that your rational mind knows best.” According to BD, you have to allow the Tao. Since I’m fascinated by the topic of how we manifest anything, I zeroed in on this.

If there is something you wish to manifest in your life, you need to imagine it with as much clear detail as you can. Do what you can to make the idea as real to you as you can. This is important especially if you have never actually experienced, say, a new car. Many people have, and there are pictures to prove it. Next, identify the feeling you would have if you manifested your desire. Calm, happy, joyous, safe, loved, whatever the feeling is, bask in it. and then you let it go. Things have a way of showing up when you forget about them. Have you noticed?

By practicing feeling, you attract the object to you without struggle;  you don’t make it come it. You set your intention to let the universe/God/Tao bring you want you desire, and then you have to have trust and faith that if it is for your highest good,  a power greater than you will find a way to get it to you, “special delivery.” Love, C

My two cents: Get out of your own way and trust that your best and highest good desires you!


I love manifesting, I love playing with the energy,  just focusing on something and watching it come is so much fun.  It has taken me years, and daily practice but I am getting this down.  In some areas more than others but I am getting it.

Years ago I was given a great meditation tape from a friend, “Receiving Prosperity,” by Louise L. Hay.  It changed my life, and the way I view  money.  I played the tape so much it  finally wore out.  I recently purchased a copy on cd and listening to it again has really reinforced some positive thoughts on prosperity in all areas but especially money.  I highly recommend checking it out.

In the meditation, Louise has you visualize walking on the beach and down to the waves crashing on the shore.  Depending where you are in your thinking she has you bring down a thimble, a cup, a bowl, a bucket, or any container to fill up.  The ocean being infinite supply of money and endless prosperity.  I think I started with a bowl or a bucket but after doing the meditation for a while I think I was filling up a bathtub.

When you start to think about money like  the infinite ocean or like air, that there is a limitless supply, it changes your whole perception.  Do you freak out that you will go to take a breath and there will be no air to breath?  No, you just know there will always be enough and you get to the point pretty quickly that you don’t even think about breathing.

I wanted to get to that point with money,  just like with breathing, not having to think about it, and just knowing  that there will always be enough for me.  You don’t need to hoard it, worry about it, have fear that you will not have enough.  It can be hard when people around you are in fear about money but it is just all the more reason to use the tools available to change your mind  from scarcity to abundance.

Another thing to do is find a great affirmation about money something that feels good to you, maybe set it to music so it gets stuck in your head and repeat it over and over.  One of my favorites comes from numerologist Glynis McCants‘ “I pay my bills with ease, and I always have extra money.”

Let’s face it, if you watch TV, listen to the radio, or are around people at all you are probably getting negative impressions about money and prosperity.  Possibly starting with your own parents at a very young age.  Most people don’t have any idea how powerful their thoughts, words and beliefs are.  I know that having money is not just about working hard.  Most of the people who work the hardest make the least amount of money, while some people are making money while they sleep.

Now that’s a great affirmation, I make money while I sleep! Love it.  xo-K

My two cents:  What would it be like to have what you want?  Imagine it, visualize it, affirm it, feel it.


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loving your inner goblin~

This is a fun meditation/exercise from our girl Colette Baron-Reid She is an amazing intuitive, author, and singer; plus she has a weekly show on Hayhouseradio.com

This meditation is great because it really helps to show you  how your ego can do a number on you. It’s fun and kinda funny.  Gives you a totally different perspective on things.  I have gotten tons of insight from doing this meditation. You can do it right at your computer. It short, just under 7 minutes and really helpful.  Give it a try.  xo-K

My two cents:  You gotta get in there and clean out the closet to allow new wonderful things to come in.


Oh, heck yeah!  It sounds kinda crazy and more than slightly out there. . .but do the exercise and prepare to be amazed at what your inner goblin has to say to you. Have you ever had the experience of something really great coming into your life after you mucked through your closets and got rid of a lot of old, outdated stuff that you don’t use anymore? Think of the goblin like that. At one time, the little you got ignored or shoved to the side, felt bad, and turned into a goblin in order to feel safe.  Let’s all embrace our goblins, let them go, and get on with it! Love, C

My two cents: like a little kid throwing a tantrum, all your goblin really wants is love.

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what are you so afraid of?

You say you want a relationship, a good one, one that is the real deal, the last forever kind.  So… why do you think it hasn’t shown up yet?

What if someone came up to you right here, right now, and told you your perfect match, your soulmate, the love of your life, was going to be here next week, say Thursday night at 8:00.  Quick- what is the first thought or feeling that comes up?   Excitement?  Happiness?  Anticipation?  Fear?  Mine was: Wait, I’m not ready!  What? Are you kidding me?  I have been waiting my whole life for this and now I’m not ready?

Not your reaction?  Are you sure about that?  Most people who don’t have fears or issues or something like that and really want a great relationship have one, plain and simple. And if you’re already there you’re probably not reading a blog about finding love.  So, here we are.  Just sayin’…

I just finished listening to an online seminar with Robert Ohotto, if you are not familiar with him I highly recommend  checking him out.  The webinar was titled “Soul Connections-Cultivating Intimacy within a New Relationship Paradigm.”  And it was nothing short of amazing.

This was a four hour e-seminar,and man was it info packed.  He touched on too many ideas to cover in this short little post, but I so feel better.  Having fear is normal; it’s one of the roles we play.  He talks about all of the archetypes in relationships and I recognized a few that I’ve done, many that I’ve done, and many that I’m done with.

My head is spinning with all the new information. I’ve listened to the  download of the webinar twice,  and I am still processing.  If I had to comment on anything at this point it would be that  I still have a lot of fears, and it is okay.  I am right on track for what I want and all is well.

I feel so blessed that  for each step I take, the next thing I need is right there waiting for me.  I’m baby steppin’, but I’m doing it.  Everything is happening right as it should, in perfect timing.  I am doing this, facing all the things that seem so scary: abandonment, betrayal, and, what if my “soulmate” shows up and he doesn’t like me??  Yikes, sounds crazy when I write it out loud, but I actually thought that for a minute.  Okay well, gotta process all of this.  xo-K

My two cents:  Everything you need will be there for you right when you need it.


I haven’t listened to Ohotto’s webinar yet — but plan to devote serious time to it, based on K’s review. I listen to him on Hay House Radio on a weekly basis. Robert is crazy smart, spooky intuitive, and has an uncanny ability to tell it like it is. Intuitively,  I like his style, I like his perspective, and I really like his insights into life. He’s a student of Carolyn Myss, and he has a knack for making you laugh even as he’s making a really important point.  He’s a genius, but that’s another story.

What really interests me is the idea of Fear. I’m not talking about the kind of fear that comes plugging in a DVD of Silence of the Lambs at home in a big country house, alone, at night. Or jumping off a bridge over a river with giant, elastic bands wrapped around your ankles. Or having a big dog lunge at you before he reaches the end of his chain.  This is about the small fears. It’s about the accumulated mountain of little fears that keep you from reaching your potential, everyday, for years and years on end. It’s the fear that whispers, “Don’t try that; you’ve never done it before.” or “What if you’re not thin enough?” or “You failed at love once before, what if you die alone?”

Fear is the great motivator that keeps us doing or not doing the things that can push us to fulfilling our destiny. It keeps us safe, because if we don’t try, then there’s no failure, and if there’s no failure, then we’re okay, right? Fear can define us. Or, if we are willing to risk the ordeal of facing it, fear can liberate us. Each fear is like life saying, “Are you ready to take this on? Are you willing to reach your potential?”

According to Marianne Williamson, the opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s fear. She goes on to say that nothing is real but love, so the fear is illusion. But that’s another story, too. Let’s just stick with fear. This kind of work requires brutal, total, self-honesty. Can you do that?

So, here are a few questions to help you identify your fears. The trick is, to answer without thinking about it.  Just say the first thing that pops up. Ready? Okay, answer these questions:

  • Assuming you played a role in the end of your last relationship (because you did), what fear motivated your actions?
  • If the love of your life came knocking on the door, what would make you afraid to open it? (Fear of abandonment? Fear of failure? Fear of success?)
  • Assuming you could have the love/success you desire, which fear would you be willing to exchange for it? (If you’re totally honest, you have to admit to at least one. No cheating!)

There are no right or wrong answers. This weekend, at a family reunion, my brother and I tried to find an old landmark from our shared past. A few years had come and gone, and nothing was as we remembered. And yet, everything fell in to place as we took one step, and then another. This is the thing: if you trust that things will work out, they generally do.  Love, C

My two cents: follow your heart instead of your fear; you heart knows what it’s talking about.



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would you rather be happy or right?

I was listening to super coach Michael Neil this morning on HayHouseRadio.com while getting ready for my day. I have to admit, that of all the Hay House show hosts, Michael is not always my favorite. Sometimes his everlasting cheerfulness dances on my last nerve! But this morning, his topic caught my interest. This morning he was talking about how to know when to push ahead when you come up against an obstacle to a goal, and when to say, ‘oh well, guess it wasn’t meant to be,’ and move on. Great question!

The short version of his answer boils down to this: do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? I apply this question to small issues, big issues, and everything in between! Personally, my answer is, I want to be happy because if right doesn’t make me happy, right isn’t going to get me where I want to go.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a doormat when it comes to negotiating terms with your spouse/neighbor/boss/sales clerk/what ev, not at all. It simply means you always have a choice about the outcome of a disagreement. Can you get what you want and still be right? Of course. But I’m talking about being able to step back and objectively look at a situation. Maybe it comes down to taking an honest inventory and looking at a deep drive to be right. Were you never right as a kid and as a consequence carried the need to be right into your adult life? Does the need to be right make you happy? Honestly? Does having to be right taint your relationships or hurt the ones you love?

When in doubt, consult your body. It never lies — seriously! Right now, think about something you feel super righteous about, something you feel ready to fight for because you feel the truth is on your side. Now, switch your thoughts from your head to your body. How does the need to be right feel? Does it feel hard, rigid, dark, afraid? No doubt! On the other hand, think about letting go of the need to be right, and choosing just once, just for a minute, to be happy instead. How does that feel? To me, that choice feels soft, creative, spontaneous, calm. Now, which feeling would you rather carry around with you as you move about your world?

The thing is, life is complicated. Messy. But when you realize that you’re the one who gets to create your life based on the thoughts you think, the beliefs you construct, and a few guiding principles, it gets simple, fast. Deciding to be happy is a guiding principle in my life. It makes things very, very simple. And call me crazy, but simple works for me! Love, C

My two cents: every moment is a chance to be happy. Choose happy, and everything else falls into place.


I used to feel the only way I could be happy was if I was right.  Man, was that exhausting.  Having to expend all that energy trying to convince people that my way was the best way, or rather the only way, was intense.  God forbid someone didn’t agree with me,  let alone be unhappy with me.

I got that I had to let go of being right all the time, I absolutely choose happy.  I actually like not being right or not knowing something; it causes me to grow and learn and expand so much, it’s amazing.  The big one for me and I am sure you too, is feeling okay if someone is mad at me.

I used to run a thing in my head over and over again, saying it  a different way every time to see what would be the perfect way to make my point, have the person I was talking to get what I was saying and not be mad at me.  Control much??  Instead of just speaking my truth, and letting the chips fall where they may, I had to say it in a way as to not hurt feelings, or ruffle feathers.  But if you do that, what you are saying doesn’t match up to your energy, your non-verbal communication, and the person really doesn’t know what you’re trying to say.  What a mess.

So now I am free. If I have something on my mind, I say it.  If I have issue with someone, I express it.  I no longer wait for the  right time,  because timing is everything, right?  No, the right time to talk about something is when it is happening, when you are feeling it.  

This has been challenging most of all, with my teenage daughter.  Nobody wants their kid to be mad at them, but I will tell you one thing, when someone knows exactly where they stand with you and you match your words and your vibration up when you talk to them, they get exactly what you are saying.  She might get a little upset with me. I am finally fine with that.  It is okay for her to feel how she feels and be mad at me if I say or do something she doesn’t like.  Allowing someone to feel how they feel and accepting it is just like choosing to be right or be happy, in a way.  And I’m choosing happy all the way!!! xo-K

My two cents:  Be true to yourself , don’t let things get too out of hand and there is nothing you can’t handle.


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