ask two girls

Wanna ask Two Girls a question? Curious about a teacher we’ve recommended or a book we’ve referenced? Post your questions and comments here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for checking in!  Best, Cynthia & Kelli


2 responses to “ask two girls

  1. karen carrasco

    I love Louise Hay and Hay House books too! One of their latest offerings, “The Three Sisters of the Tao, Essential Conversations with Chinese Medicine, I Ching, and Feng Shui,” by Terah Kathryn Collins – Terah brings a feminine perspective to these practices, one I feel you two girls will enjoy…

  2. Melinda

    Hey where are you guys – haven’t heard anything since October. Hope you two are all right – love your stuff. Life can get really painful at times so my thoughts and prayers are with both of you. Recently a very good friend for 9 years decided she wanted to move on – she lost her son in a motorcycle accident at the same time my daughter was diagnosed with a fatal disease (but she had a kidney transplant and is fine). Just had to realize we were together for 9 really bad years. I am amazed I was able to accept her decision – I guess I am growing. Sometimes I wonder though.
    The work is hard, but keep at it – time for me to watch John Edward and renew my faith in an after-life that is peaceful.
    Best to both of you.

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