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expecting miracles

Don’t you just love it when the cosmos gives you a little shout out?  I had a shift of perception this morning, an opening where my soul slipped through with an insight. In that moment when I went from feeling stuck to feeling grateful. Nice!

We all have blue moments, right? It’s part of the work we do, just becoming aware of the moment we fall under  what Robert Ohotto calls a cultural spell, start believing that it’s all real out there, when it really is just a movie of our making.  The number one fix for that is meditation and/or prayer. So simple, and yet so easy for the ego to say, “Honey, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. You’re so good, so spiritually evolved, you can get by without it, just for today!” Trust me on this one: doesn’t work!

Another trick I use is to keep myself surrounded by spiritual masters. Sometimes this means going to a church service, a lecture, a concert, a reading.  I recently had two different friends from different corners of the country come to the town where I live for their work. I had heard about James O’Dea coming to lecture at the Unity Church that I attend, and really wanted to see him. I had a dilemma for about half a minute about how to spend time with my girls, then I realized that they would both enjoy hearing O’Dea speak. I told them that our Sunday program included a church service with a world-class speaker, then brunch at my fav local egg and toast joint. It was fantastic, and we all had a great time! (Except for darling P, who was not fooled by that hand-holding Unity business for a minute!)

Another way to connect is with the amazing collection of spirit-related videos on YouTube. Do we live at a great time on this planet or what?? Feeling a little blue?  Check out Jessica’s affirmations on YouTube!  Want to connect to something bigger than yourself? Listen to Eckhart Tolle on YouTube! So easy.

This morning I found my brain worrying a minor life issue like a dog with a bone. I refused to go into a huge drama about it, but I still have some energy around it, or it wouldn’t be an issue at all, it wouldn’t resonate at all. Anyway, I started to go there. You know what I mean!

Then, in the midst of looking for a nice morning message to distract myself, I found a video that contained beautiful celestial music, with images of great, galactic spans of space filled with pinwheels of magnetic gas and columns of light and star dust, and my puny little problems just vanished. Where was Earth? Where was I? It was like looking into forever. I mean, in the perspective of eternity, does it really matter if that parking ticket was fair or unfair? Really? Come on! Get over it already! Love, C

My two cents: I am the writer, director, and actor in the movie of my life and I can change it in any moment.


I used to pray for miracles, look for them, hope for them.  Now I expect them.  And because I expect them and appreciate when they happen they come more frequently and in many different ways.

I got a very expensive traffic ticket in the mail last week, I had been working on my feelings of prosperity and money really not being an issue for me.  Money is energy and really neutral, it has whatever power or feeling  you put behind it. So anyway, got this ticket, right before I am ready to leave for vacation and I have to say my first reaction was I was pissed.  I was caught on video making a right hand turn on a red light.  I remember doing that, and the light had just turned red.  Yeah right, so what, what I did was wrong so I had to pay.  They had a video of me so even if I was going to fight it, which I wasn’t, no winning that one.

When I opened the ticket and saw the fine I had to put it aside for the night, I felt sick to my stomach and knew I had to get into a better space before I could deal with it.  I had a feeling I got that ticket for a reason so I wanted to sleep on it.  I had been doing so well on my money not being an issue for me, money was flowing in and flowing out, I had plenty and I was feeling good about it.  Now this, okay well I did say I wanted to master this and I was being given an opportunity here.

When I woke up in the morning the first thing I thought was I would call and ask if I could make payments on the ticket, explain I was leaving for vacation and that I needed more time.  That didn’t feel good, I was going to try to convince a total stranger that I couldn’t afford the ticket?  That was not in alignment with what I was trying to master regarding money. Uggg, I did my morning meditation and it came to me,  I would pay the whole thing right now.  I just knew that by doing that everything would be fine and I would be lined up to what I was trying to accomplish around prosperity.

As soon as I made that decision, I felt like well, a million bucks.  Another thing that happened after I made that decision was I opened a pocket in my purse, a pocket that I know I looked through the day before when rounding up my checks from my clients for deposit and I found a stack of checks, $700 to be exact. Now that’s a miracle, oh and another thing, when I looked again at the ticket, I had  read it wrong, it was $100 less than I thought it was.  I think it was worth getting the ticket just to really get the lesson on prosperity. xo-K

My two cents: Miracles are everywhere, even where you least expect them.


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more on money~

You know we Two Girls love our teachers, right? My current fav is Stephen Russell, aka the Barefoot Doctor. BD has a series of guided meditations that I really like, and always find myself feeling more energized after listening to them. He also has a website called the Supercharged Taoist.  (Tao pronounced Dao) I don’t know about you, but I don’t know much about Taoism. Oh, sure, I’ve heard Wayne Dyer talk about the teachings and wisdom of the Tao, but haven’t really studied it myself.

I first heard about BD on Hay House Radio, where he had a program for several months, and got totally hooked on his down to earth teachings and before I knew it, I had subscribed to his websites. I love opening my email and finding messages that spark my curiosity or offer a new way to look at the world. Recently, BD sent me a message about manifesting abundance with Wu Wei. He said: “if you want to manifest effortlessly with Wu Wei, you set up an intention, then either fear not achieving it, or trust you will achieve it. If you are successful, you will transition into a more expanded, satisfying, fulfilling and glorious reality.” Sign me up!

According to Russell, Wu Wei is the  Taoist principle of achievement without struggle. It means you have to give up the idea that you know exactly how things should turn out for your highest good and the highest good of those around you. Instead, we are to trust the universal life force, God, the Tao, whatever you call it, to make sure everything turns out for your highest good. Ha! Easier said than done, right? According to BD, “manifesting different realities depends on letting go of the erroneous notion that your rational mind knows best.” According to BD, you have to allow the Tao. Since I’m fascinated by the topic of how we manifest anything, I zeroed in on this.

If there is something you wish to manifest in your life, you need to imagine it with as much clear detail as you can. Do what you can to make the idea as real to you as you can. This is important especially if you have never actually experienced, say, a new car. Many people have, and there are pictures to prove it. Next, identify the feeling you would have if you manifested your desire. Calm, happy, joyous, safe, loved, whatever the feeling is, bask in it. and then you let it go. Things have a way of showing up when you forget about them. Have you noticed?

By practicing feeling, you attract the object to you without struggle;  you don’t make it come it. You set your intention to let the universe/God/Tao bring you want you desire, and then you have to have trust and faith that if it is for your highest good,  a power greater than you will find a way to get it to you, “special delivery.” Love, C

My two cents: Get out of your own way and trust that your best and highest good desires you!


I love manifesting, I love playing with the energy,  just focusing on something and watching it come is so much fun.  It has taken me years, and daily practice but I am getting this down.  In some areas more than others but I am getting it.

Years ago I was given a great meditation tape from a friend, “Receiving Prosperity,” by Louise L. Hay.  It changed my life, and the way I view  money.  I played the tape so much it  finally wore out.  I recently purchased a copy on cd and listening to it again has really reinforced some positive thoughts on prosperity in all areas but especially money.  I highly recommend checking it out.

In the meditation, Louise has you visualize walking on the beach and down to the waves crashing on the shore.  Depending where you are in your thinking she has you bring down a thimble, a cup, a bowl, a bucket, or any container to fill up.  The ocean being infinite supply of money and endless prosperity.  I think I started with a bowl or a bucket but after doing the meditation for a while I think I was filling up a bathtub.

When you start to think about money like  the infinite ocean or like air, that there is a limitless supply, it changes your whole perception.  Do you freak out that you will go to take a breath and there will be no air to breath?  No, you just know there will always be enough and you get to the point pretty quickly that you don’t even think about breathing.

I wanted to get to that point with money,  just like with breathing, not having to think about it, and just knowing  that there will always be enough for me.  You don’t need to hoard it, worry about it, have fear that you will not have enough.  It can be hard when people around you are in fear about money but it is just all the more reason to use the tools available to change your mind  from scarcity to abundance.

Another thing to do is find a great affirmation about money something that feels good to you, maybe set it to music so it gets stuck in your head and repeat it over and over.  One of my favorites comes from numerologist Glynis McCants‘ “I pay my bills with ease, and I always have extra money.”

Let’s face it, if you watch TV, listen to the radio, or are around people at all you are probably getting negative impressions about money and prosperity.  Possibly starting with your own parents at a very young age.  Most people don’t have any idea how powerful their thoughts, words and beliefs are.  I know that having money is not just about working hard.  Most of the people who work the hardest make the least amount of money, while some people are making money while they sleep.

Now that’s a great affirmation, I make money while I sleep! Love it.  xo-K

My two cents:  What would it be like to have what you want?  Imagine it, visualize it, affirm it, feel it.


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whistle while you work

I love my work, love what I do, always have.  Started out just a fun girlie hobby thing and now 30 years later, I’m still at it.  The first time I did a haircut it was at my bff D’s house.  We were flipping through Seventeen magazine and there was a bit about cutting the perfect shag.  It went on to say that if you stood on a chair with your head upside down and a friend cut straight across you would have this amazing shag haircut.  Well, we had a chair and she did need a haircut and we were bored so. . . I have to say that even with kitchen scissors, the cut was awesome, and a career was born.

I was lucky, I found something I loved to do that I could make money doing,  early on.  Very lucky.  So many people I know hate their jobs, well maybe hate is a little harsh, but they go to work everyday not wanting to be where they are doing what they are doing.  I can’t even imagine spending all day every day doing something that didn’t make me happy and bring me joy, just for the money.  Uggg, so not fun.

C and I have been talking about this ever since we started our little project here, our blog.  We love it so, it’s so much fun and we get so much out of it. Yeah, right now it is just a hobby, and our therapy,  in case it matters.  We work really hard on it, but it doesn’t seem like work at all and it has taught me so much.  Like I said before, I love being a stylist, but this is different.  Just as much work, but very different.  And considering neither of us even knew what a blog was four months ago, and we have just been figuring it out along the way, I think we’re doing a great job at it.

The thing is, when you find something you love to do, you’re good at it, and it doesn’t seem like work.  Someone asked C how much time she puts into this, and we don’t even really know because we are having so much fun and it is always on our minds it seems like all of our time but it’s effortless.  Isn’t that how work should be?

You think of people on film crews, they work like 16 hr days, but they become a family, they have so much love and passion for what they are creating that as hard as they are working they seem to be enjoying they process and experience a letdown when it is complete.  I have seen this with the my daughter and her friends when she was doing theater. Those kids would work so hard rehearsing for hours every night to give everyone a great show and when they performed for the last time, all the kids cry, along with many of the parents.  They loved what they were doing and were sad to see it end.

Seems like things are changing these days, people are losing their jobs, jobs they have been doing for maybe their whole lives.  Maybe they loved their jobs, but a lot of them were going to work everyday doing what they did because it payed the bills.  A lot of people have thought that you work to pay the bills and it’s not supposed to be fun, that’s why they call it work.  I think you go to work to create, to inspire, and enjoy.  Marsha Sinetar wrote a book called, Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow.  I read that way back in the 80’s, and have always know it to be true.  When you enjoy what you do, you do it with ease, and it never seems like work. xo-K

My two cents:  You should love all aspects of your life, even how you pay the bills.


Seriously? K really whistles while she works. I noticed it a couple of years ago, and it’s a great reminder that “all is well in the universe and in my world.

Sometimes, when we’re working through a tech challenge with our beloved blog, or developing a new policy about a random issue that has surfaced, she’ll start whistling. K and I work on the phone a lot, and we’ve been friends long enough to not feel that we have to stuff the gaps with filler. So, we’ll both be surfing through the Net all quiet and focused, and she’ll start to whistle. It’s an instant mood elevator.  You can’t whistle or be close to the whistle and not feel happy!

But back to doing what you love. I’ve been a writer forever. I started keeping journals as a teen drama queen when my feelings overflowed from my heart through pen and paper, and have never stopped. I have not made it to the rarefied ranks of Pulitzer Prize winners or even the New York Times Bestseller list (yet), but I am modestly published, and this makes me happy.

But for a long time, I felt anguish that I wasn’t making my living “as a writer” — which in my narrow mind I had defined as “novelist.”   And then one day I stopped and realized that I do make a living by writing, and I had to laugh at myself. As marketing genie and chief fundraiser for a hometown nonprofit, I write grants and proposals, radio copy, banners, emails to important donors, letters. I write. A lot! When I realized how much money I’ve actually raised with my writing, it made me smile and realize that I had achieved a goal: I am a professional writer. Who knew?

The Universe always gives you what you ask for, maybe just not how you think it will look, but what ev. Adore what shows up. Appreciate each kink in the path. Embrace the what-isness of your life.   Your most important job is to look at what shows up and then fine-tune your request to the cosmic concierge, being more specific about your desired outcomes. I love that the Universe always says Yes! Love, C

My two cents:  be grateful for what shows up; it reveals your real thoughts about what is possible.


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